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My RPG releasing & building up NG's community

2018-02-25 16:52:03 by Zhon

Endless Realms RPG Kickstarter launching in April

Just a reminder that the super sick RPG I've been working on, Endless Realms, drops its Kickstarter at the end of April.  Go check us out on Facebook!  I'll post again when we go live of course!

Right now we're polishing up our rulebook and bestiary, as well as getting a head start on some Kickstarter rewards.  I've been working on this monstrous project for 3 years and it's almost the end of the line.  It feels totally surreal.

Building up the Newgrounds Community

I'm hecka broke.  In an ideal world I would love to be able to be a paying supporter AND gift out supporter status to other active members.  But it's just not like that.  So instead, following tomfulp's most recent thread about supporters, I've elected to make it my daily ritual to leave genuine reviews on Under Judgement content and unscouted art. 

There's a steady stream of new accounts on NG every single day, but honestly NG just feels...  Quiet.  It doesn't feel like a social atmosphere.  And to me, that's just not how a website driven by user content should feel.  I'm a semi-active forumer, so if I feel that way, I can only imagine how a budding artist feels, sticking his neck out and getting nothing from the void.

Tom is right - if we want to help NG grow, we really just need to let new creators know that we see what they're putting out.  It only takes a few seconds to leave your honest thoughts on a submission - let's hear and be heard.


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