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I'm really happy you put the robot clip in there. Also ya'll have some sweet skills with using effects and masking in animations. I'm not totally sure how to express what I'm trying to say - it's like FDS tends to be more playful with animation tools and methods than your typical animation. Visual delicacy.


I felt like the voiceover could have been a bit more compelling, but still heckin sweet. Good nice. Very welled.

All things considered it was pretty entertaining. Wish I had a bigger part in it now. Nice work fellas.

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Finally, a good game.

Pretty rad little game, feels a lot like NES Adventure but souped up. I would really like something like a text readout that tells you what just happened, what items you just used, etc., instead of the text disappearing right away. For example, what did I use to kill all those bosses? I don't actually know. A minor detail, but would be nice.

I also agree with @Lukewasthefish about having a stretchy camera - perhaps with the option to turn it on/off for those who want more old school motion.

I was modestly amused. Had to cheat to pass the last challenge. Thanks for the gem.

RoboFrobo responds:


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At first when this song came on (NG radio) I was like "eh."
But after like 15 seconds I felt immediately compelled to come give you some fives.

Heard this on NG radio. Really love it. Gives me a weird sort of 90s underground chill vibe.

SilverFoxJams responds:

Thanks. I'm glad. I didn't know there was internet NG radio now. Goes to show how much time I'm around here. ^^;

I've always thought that the mark of great music is its ability to inspire others.

I'm inspired as shit. Well done.

Phonometrologist responds:

Your comment made me chuckle. I'd subscribe to that notion of music.
"Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman." Beethoven

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This is goddamn hilarious.

This looks like a linoleum block print. Nice style. Given the clean curves of everything else, the anomalous edges on the hearts throw me off a bit. The way the highlight runs into her top also gives me pause a bit. Otherwise, there is constant motion throughout that really keeps you moving. 9/10 heckin rad

Wonderful. You're really good at rendering metal and refraction. Do you have any drawings with water in them, curiously?

imdrunkontea responds:

Thank you! Not really at the moment but I am working on one!

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