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Zhon's News

Posted by Zhon - March 27th, 2019

Something I've noticed in the past 7 years of freelancing is that we tend to lose sight of our value.

Not values but value. Our worth, perceived worth to others, and our self-worth. This has some horrendous consequences as a freelancer.

Freelancing is already a career path wrought with challenges, uncertainties, and enhanced responsibility. You can't just "make it through the work day" when you're a freelancer. You need to have your shit together, day in, day out. And when you don't know your own worth, you make it that much easier for predatory clients to prey on you - to underpay you, to cheat you out of pay entirely, to abuse you, to disrespect your skills.

These are people you don't want to work with anyway, and it can be really hard to turn anyone down when you're destitute. I've been there - rock bottom, double digits in my bank account, credit maxed out, two kids to feed, and considering a job from the worst client on the planet. I basically had nothing, but I did have some self respect left in the tank, and that pulled me through.

Sometimes there are external factors working against you. To be frank, I am fortunate to be a white male living in the US. But the common thread I see among all under-performing or stagnating freelancers (including myself when I was younger) is that they simply do not value themselves enough. They never take time to step back and look at their worth, or to stick their neck out and seek out clients who are happy to meet them at a higher level.

I originally chose to freelance full-time because I hated the limited experience I had working for others in traditional jobs. I hated being treated like expendable trash, by the managers, by the bosses, by the patrons. The moment that I remembered this desire for respect - the moment that I remembered how to value myself - is the moment that I began to grow again.


Posted by Zhon - December 4th, 2018

Hi guys.  So here's the deal.

I love Newgrounds, I love all the stuff published here, and I love puns.

PM me a pun and a link to a submission, and I'll give some thoughtful, honest critique.

One submission per pun please.





Posted by Zhon - November 4th, 2018



I had CS4 since 2009 and just upgraded.  I've spent five minutes in Animate CC and am already in love.  Can't wait to make some rad shit.  STAY TUNED!

Posted by Zhon - October 30th, 2018

It's been literally 3 years since I actively produced art.  I just finished a client's animation, and wrapped up my part for the latest @FlowDownStream project.  I've been making pixel art on my phone before bed every night, and drawing in my sketchbook.  And it's awesome.


But now all I want to do is make art.  But I can't just make art all day.  Because only like 30% of my contracts involve art.


How will I spend my time today?

[_] Make money to feed my kids and pay my bills

[_] Make art

[_] Eat a box of donuts

[X] (none)

Posted by Zhon - October 28th, 2018

Starting a conversion gets me hyped up, and then hearing the little jingle at the end is like waking up to presents.

Thanks Swivel.  10/10






Posted by Zhon - October 24th, 2018

Congratulate me and shit.


Posted by Zhon - October 18th, 2018

Just found out:

  • You can set the start point of a symbol in the properties inspector
  • There's a "convert to symbol" hotkey
  • You can hold enter to play the timeline and release it to stop, instead of pressing twice
  • You can click and drag to select frames on the timeline instead of shift-clicking

Also found out:

  • CS4 bugs are just as annoying in 2018 as they were in 2009

That CC subscription is looking damn good right now.


Posted by Zhon - October 5th, 2018

Streaming til 5 PM EST

Come hang out while I work on an animation for a client, based on the Catana comics!

Posted by Zhon - April 24th, 2018

Hey Newgrounds!

The tabletop RPG that I have been working on for the past 3 years just launched its Kickstarter. This is probably the biggest moment in my career thus far. Even if you don't end up backing it, I would be eternally grateful if you'd share it a @bit and perhaps give your thoughts in this thread (even feedback on the KS campaign in case there's something I missed).

I'm also doing a livestream in 30 mins which you can tune in to from our FB page or Kickstarter page.

Happy Tuesday!


Posted by Zhon - February 27th, 2018

I'm a nobody on the internet right now.  I have no face.  No fans.  Handful of friends.  I want this to be the year I finally get back on the train.  Let's get down to business.  If I can accomplish all of these goals and all of my new years resolutions for this year, I'm rewarding myself via taxes in 2019 with a huge purchase that I've been eyeballing for literally 11 years as of this post.

Do you have any goals?  Check up on me and I'll check up on you!  Let's support/nag each other!

Here are my NG goals for 2018:


Submit a game that scores 3.5+

I'm hoping to make the Construct 3 jam my first real game submission to Newgrounds.  The trash I have up here now is a prototype for an abandoned commission.  I have a literal megabyte txt full of ideas.  So there's that.


Submit an animation that scores 3.5+

The only animation I am proud of is like thrice the age of my daughter.  Unacceptable.  SAD.  I have NO ideas for animations, but I'm sure I'll figure something out.


Get an art submission frontpaged

Long have I longed for the Fronte Paege.  I haven't really made significant art since I graduated from college, 5 years ago.  For this I will stand NO MORE!  Some stuff I want to do:

Paintings of my kids
Nene fan art for Pico Day
Art for my old OCs
Environment art (I've literally drawn like 10 environments in my entire life)
Fan art or art in the style of some of my favorite NGers
Newgrounds WWI-style recruitment poster


Submit audio

Maybe a voice reel, maybe a song, maybe some sound effects.  I want to dabble in all three and have a decent mic.  Let's see what happens.


Host a contest

Not sure what kind of contest, but I want to host something wherein I give away supporter status to the winner(s).  Maybe even an invitational of some kind, related to my next goal...


Scout & support 50 users

Lots of new talent coming and going on here and I think if someone took the time to connect with them they would stick around.  NG is a great place to learn and grow with similar minds.  That's what I'm really here for.  So let's do it :)