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Old unfinished animation

2016-11-10 22:39:47 by Zhon

So, this has been sitting around for 3 years now.  I never got around to finishing it, and every year I always say "I'm gonna finish this in time for Christmas!" and then just spend the next 3-4 months feeling guilty about not doing it.  I'm formally declaring it dead, but wanted to at least put up what I had, partially because the voice actors that helped me (for free, I should add) were awesome and deserve better than that.

Without further ado, here is The Legend of Ea, dumped in the dumps.

Carry on.

2015-03-23 14:59:11 by Zhon


The unfortunate truth about ISIS

2015-03-21 14:47:27 by Zhon

Isis is the name of a deity in mythology...  One which I based one of my characters off of heavily.

Yet another name to add to the book of "things to never use ever unless you want ignorant conflict in your userbase."

Welcome to the ranks of Adolf and Osama, Isis.  Enjoy your stay.

Very important

2015-03-03 18:30:17 by Zhon





Awesome new job?

2015-02-12 23:27:01 by Zhon

I just got a short-term job writing entries for a tabletop pen & paper RPG's bestiary.  How kickass is that?  Sadly I'm under NDA so I can't brag too much/specifically.

Anyway.  Woop!

A legend is born...

2015-02-01 15:22:16 by Zhon

My daughter Alice was born a few days ago.  She's going to grow up to be smarter, prettier, and better at everything than you.  Congratulate me and crap!

Want to learn how to freelance?

2014-05-26 22:15:42 by Zhon

Would you be interested in an eBook explaining how to get started as a freelance artist, ranging from what to learn, areas you can explore, how to secure jobs, and general freelance etiquette?

I make my living solely off of freelance contracts and have been freelancing for over three years.  I am thinking of writing one and selling it super cheap on Amazon (like $1 or something).

If so, is there anything you'd specifically like to see covered?


*Repost from Deviant Art

Ultimate irony of ultimate destiny

2014-01-08 02:07:00 by Zhon

I find it incredibly ironic that the bulk of my freelancing work lately is centered around writing about art.  I went to college to be a working artist, not an art historian.  I don't mind writing, but it is something that seriously grinds my soul into dust when it turns into a full-time job.  But I need the cash...  Funny how things work out.  Not "ha-ha" funny...  Bull*#$! funny.


I guess in the end I shouldn't complain.  Right?  I am sitting at a desk typing on a keyboard.  I could be selling death-sentence potato remnants through a sliding window to snotty college kids at 2:00 AM instead.


Ugh.  I just want to draw...

Ultimate dream of ultimate destiny

2013-08-20 08:30:17 by Zhon

One day it will be mine!

... But not for a long time... :(

Ultimate dream of ultimate destiny

Sad for Halloween

2011-10-30 10:56:10 by Zhon

I am feeling a little sad this Halloween because it's a tradition of mine to spend the entire month of October creating Halloween-themed artwork, and yet this year I have had literally no time to do so due to school. Even as I write this, I have four projects piled up, two homework assignments, and three tests to study for. Not to mention I lost my five-subject notebook, so I literally have nothing to study from.
I spent a lot of time this month working on an animation as a gift for my girlfriend for our one-year anniversary, which is why I am so backed up with work. That being said, please go check it out and leave your opinion. I'd love to make some friends here on newgrounds :)

Can't wait for winter break so I have more time to make some artwork for ME and not school! :D

P.S. We watched Coraline and Nightmare Before Christmas last night. Best Halloween movies ever, don't you agree?